There are two knowledge package subscriptions

We put the highest priority on assuring the success of every implementation – and we believe that education is the key to that achievement. For this reason we have made our knowledge packages an integral part of every software sale. By purchasing a knowledge package subscription you have access to all the courses in that package, plus other benefits.

Each implementation requires the Knowledge Package for Operators. Deployments that include HyperSync Panel, Service Panel, Access Panel or Test Panel also require the Knowledge Package for Developers and Consultants. In some circumstances (for example where a customer is adequately supported by a deployment partner) these knowledge packages are not required after the first year.

Benefits of a subscription:

  • Attendance on the listed courses for up to five delegates from a subscribing organization. Email for dates and locations. The subscription promises space for no less than two delegates, if the subscription is purchased and space is reserved by emailing customerservice, no later than 30-days prior to the course date.
  • Up to 20 hours of post course guidance and learning assistance per annum
  • Public training at your chosen and approved training city
  • A custom training plan for each student
  • A transcript of courses attended

Knowledge Package for Operators


A800 – Identity Panel Operators

A801 – Using the Identity Panel Suite – next date: 30 January 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A811 – Service Panel Operators – next date: 1 February 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A820 – Identity Panel Architecture, Providers, Security, and Deployment

A821 – Identity Panel Initial Configuration

W823 – Identity Panel Upgrade Workshop

A825 – Protecting the Organization with Identity Panel – next date: 31 January 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

A826 – High Availability and Identity Management

A892 – ID Data Audit, Clean-up, and Restoration with Identity Panel

A895 – Data Source and Data Target Requirements Gathering

A940 – Service Panel Customer & Reseller Training

A945 – Access Panel PAM – Operator Course

A960 – Access Panel for Solution Architects and Administrators – next date: 2 February 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

C999 – Co-working with SoftwareIDM 

Knowledge Package for Developers and Consultants


A802 – Identity Panel Requirements Gathering & Design

A812 – Service Panel Requirements Gathering & Design

A813 – Access Panel Requirements & Design 

A814 – HyperSync Requirements Gathering

A824 – Going live with an Identity Panel Product

A850 – Rule Engine Language & Report Writing

A860 – Advanced Identity Panel Workflow and Scheduling

A890 – MIM Test Case Development using Test Panel

A900 – MIM/HyperSync Solution Developer – next date: 3 February 2022 in Riyadh, Saudi Arabia

W921 – MIM DevTest 4.1 Upgrade Workshop

A930 – Integrating ServiceNow with the MIM Portal, Access Panel, and Service Panel

M950 – Service Panel Solution Developer 

A970 – Access Panel Solution Developer

A975 – Access Panel PAM – Developer Course

A980 – Deconstruction of a Classic Microsoft Identity Manager Solution

A981 – Deconstruction of a Modern Microsoft Identity Manager solution