Identity Panel

A vendor neutral identity management umbrella for companies managing identities, identity lifecycle systems, and identity platforms.
It is the core component required by all our applications within the Identity Panel Suite.

A web application with a suite of features to test and operate a multi-system, multi-vendor identity ecosystem

The Identity Panel App, which is the foundation of the Identity Panel Suite, includes the Identity Panel Core Framework and the MIM development component available in Identity Panel’s MIM DevTest. The primary improvement is the addition of the Uplift Rule engine for MIM, allowing you to code MIM using MIM Portal style syntax, but with a rich and complete feature set. Uplift has the functions that MIM developers have been asking for.

Identity Panel App includes

  • Identity Panel (Identity Panel Core Framework)
  • Uplift (formally available only with MIM DevTest)
  • Track and Trace (formally available only with Service Panel)
  • Contrails (formally available with Knowledge Package)

Additionally, Identity Panel App includes the ability to develop a MIM solution using PowerShell. This opens MIM to a large audience of IT engineers who may be familiar with PowerShell, but not familiar with languages like C#.

The Identity Panel App also add the ability to manage your MIM configuration from the Identity Panel App. You can configure flow rules and modify Management Agents from the Identity Panel App.

Since change you make in Identity Panel is saved to a source control repository build-into Identity Panel, using Identity Panel to configure and code MIM means all of your source code and change history is maintained.