Software Maintenance

Maintenance is offered in the United States and United Kingdom. Contact us for other regions.

Software maintenance is priced at 20% of the published list price of the software (the price published in the quarter of the renewal). If maintenance is purchased, it must be purchased for all active items. Software maintenance is terminated if not renewed.

The price does not include sales tax or VAT (the customer is responsible for these taxes.)

  • Software maintenance price is fix for the first three years (no increase)
  • Software maintenance begins year two.
  • Software maintenanceis required from the point of license purchase
  • All maintenance is provided in the English language
  • Maintenance does not include consulting or non-defect support
  • Maintenance is require for hosting, consulting, and support
  • Maintenance includes new features and enhancements, from time-to-time
  • Maintenance includes bug fixes and patches
  • End user will have access to updates to software documentation via website

Defect resolution

A defect is a problem or error with the software where the software does not operate in accordance with the software documentation.

SoftwareIDM will respond to a ticket within one business day of end user opening a support ticket.

SoftwareIDM will provide technical support and will use reasonable endeavors to provide a resolution or workaround to resolve the defect within three business days.