Access Panel

Access Panel is an identity and resource governance application providing a rich set of features in the Identity Panel Suite.

It provides entitlement management through group memberships and other mechanisms (such as role objects), including roles-based and attribute-based access control.

JIT candidates are able to activate access using a variety of policies and processes (time windows, approvals, extensions, justification forms, multiple response, escalation, expiration)

It also provides support for native criteria (e.g. Azure dynamic groups), separation of duties (SoD), and criteria-based candidacy.

Access Panel offers a comprehensive range of access review features, performed against security principals, applications, entitlements or role assignments. Campaigns can be rolling, recurring, ad-hoc, or triggered by a change (e.g. attribute, or risk level).

Access Panel requires Identity Panel for connectivity, data, workflows etc. Here’s how it works:

Access Panel diagram