Service Panel

Service Panel is a web-based portal for managing identity data within SoftwareIDM’s Identity Panel Suite. It is fully customizable with all the features you would expect, including “Code Red” (for quickly disabling accounts and sessions for a malevolent user).

For all users it is a self-service application through which they can access a “white pages” directory, edit their own identity data, and raise and track requests (such as group memberships).

For managers, these capabilities are extended to their users, while service desk and administrators can implement, monitor and troubleshoot provisioning and other identity processes.

Service Panel can be integrated with systems like ServiceNow, extending the reach of those systems to all Identity Panel endpoints.

Service Panel provides much the same functionality provided by the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) Portal. Many organizations are migrating from the MIM Portal to Azure AD, but are finding that some that some of the functionality is not reproducible in Azure AD. Service Panel can fill in the gaps, allowing Azure AD to do what it does best, and also even enhancing the user and admin experience of Azure AD.

Security is controlled at every level, so that only appropriate objects and attributes are available to read and/or edit for any actor (self, manager, admin etc.)

Like the other applications, Service Panel requires Identity Panel for connectivity, data, workflows etc.

Here’s how it works: