Service Panel Solution Developer (course M950)

4 day course

Day one

Session 1 – Using Identity Panel. This session will introduce or reacquaint you to the Identity Panel Core Framework, which is an underpinning to Service Panel.

  • Time Traveler
  • Scheduler
  • Reporting
  • Workflows
  • MIM DevTest

This morning session is an abbreviated version of course A801 – Using Identity Panel. If you already attend this course, you do not need to attend session 1.

Session 2 – Tour of Service Panel

  • Overview of benefits and features
  • How Service Panel relates to Identity Panel
  • Integration with MIM Portal and MIM Sync
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • Hosting and High Availability – SaaS and On-Premise

This morning session is an abbreviated version of course T711 – A Tour of Service Panel. If you already attend this course, you do not need to attend session 2.

Session 3 – Customer cases. How customers are using Service Panel in the real-world

Customer cases and popular use cases will be explored.

  • Employee directory
  • Photo opt-out
  • Code Red!
  • Updating contact information
  • Account Creation
  • Changing email domains
  • Azure B2C
  • Onboarding

Session 4 – Service Panel Provider Architecture

This session will cover:

  • Web application
  • Panel Service
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Messaging
  • Access from the Managed Service Console
  • Panel Service hardware resources

This mid-day session is an abbreviated version of course A820 – Identity Panel Architecture, Providers, and Deployment. If you already attend this course, you do not need to attend session 4.

Session 5 – Rule Engine Language

This session will teach you the Rule Engine syntax that is used by Service Panel. The Rule Engine will be familiar to anyone who knows the MIM Portal custom expression syntax. The Rule Engine offers a superset of rules, and helpful tools for find just the right rule syntax or attribute name. The Rule Tester will show you how to unit test code and see the results.

This mid-day session is an abbreviated version of course A850 – Rule Engine. Course A850 is recommended for anyone who wants to expand their Rule Engine skills. Report writing will not be covered, but is covered in the full A850 course. If you have attended course A850, you may skip session 5.

Session 6 – Service Panel Requirements Gathering

This session will show you the process used to collect requirements from a customer. This process is critical to a successful project. This is an abbreviated version of course A812 – Service Panel Requirements Gathering & Design. If you have attended A812, you do may skip session 6.

Agenda – Day Two

Unlike day one, the items covered in Day Two are not currently covered in other courses. This course begins with the lighthearted and fun theme building, and then moves into the critical skills of constructing Virtual Identities.

Session 1 – Build custom themes

Add a theme to match your customer’s brand and website. Add a logo and color pallet. Learn how to capture your customer’s color pallet, and upload their logo. Add a hyperlink to their logo.

Also learn how custom URLs for your customer, giving them a branded experience from authentication page to within.

Session 2 – Construct your required Virtual Identities

Agenda – Day Three

Service Panel Form

Learn how to construct the Service Panel forms. Expose them as RestAPIs to other application. Connect to Identity Panel DevTest for validation. Create behaviors, lookups, formatting, controls, and more.

Agenda – Day Four

Session 1 – Fixtures and Workflows – Provision and modify targets

Publish and modify your data across data targets using the concept of Fixture. Identity Panel DevTest uses Fixtures to stage and undo your test cases. This same Fixture technology is used by Service Panel to publish your data, and incidentally, is the same technology used by the MIM Service Port.

This course is similar to course A890 – MIM DevTest Case Development. If you have already attended A890, you do not need to attend day four.

Session 2 – Configure Data Target Integration

This short session reviews specific data targets, and how to connect to those with Identity Panel, an then write to them. This includes targets like Office 365, SQL, and more.

Session 3 – ServiceNow integration

Learn how to setup ServiceNow to fulfill tickets using Service Panel. This is an abbreviated version of course A890.