Deconstruction of a Modern Microsoft Identity Manager solution (course A981)


This is a three day educational tear down of a modern Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) based identity management solution. This is performed for customers who have a properly developed MIM solution. This is similar to course A980, which is a Deconstruction of a Classic Microsoft Identity Manager solution.

This course is included with the SoftwareIDM Operational Services for Microsoft Identity Manager.


Audience Type 1: This course is provided to customers who want their solution deconstructed for their identity management team. It is an ideal method for teaching the staff how their MIM solution is architect-ed and developed.

Audience Type 2: This course is provided to companies and professionals who want to deconstruct and properly assembled but complex model Microsoft Identity Management solution.

Delivered Securely

We train companies and governments on their custom MIM solution built, tested, and monitored using Identity Panel, MIM DevTest, MIM Rule Extensions, PowerShell extensions, Uplift, and Portal Rules. When course A981 is applied to a specific customer, the course is delivered securely, with only the customer and approved third parties present (ie. their integrator or consultants).


Too many companies run a highly complex identity lifecycle systems, but lack the internal knowledge to full support and develop the solution. Even a third party can’t help, if they don’t know solution any better then the customer. That is where SoftwareIDM comes in. By deconstructing your solution in a classroom, students learn not on the underlying technology, but how it is configured and operating at you organization.

Organizations can also learn from our tear-down system. These are MIM solution model after other organization using modern MIM architecture and development methods. These allow student to understand further how MIM operates security and quickly in the real world. Each student will walk away with improvement they can make to their own customers or employers MIM solution.

Companies financially benefit when employees understand the systems they are supporting. We are often asked to quantify this amount. We have observed that a well informed team can be 30% more productive or better. For a trained three person team, at $200K total cost per team member per year, is $180K.


Peter Sidebotham and Todd Mollerup have been developing MIM solution for the Fortune 500 for 15 years. They are also the people behind Identity Panel and the suite of associate products.

Your instructors, Peter Sidebotham, MCPD, Todd Mollerup, MCSE, MCSD