Access Panel Developer (course A970)

About course A970, Access Panel Developer

Prerequisite: Course A850 and A960. A850 can be viewed online to prepare for this course

This course is for anyone who will be designing coding the user and system functionality of Access Panel. This course is ideal for developers responsible for a successful implementation or expansion of Access Panel.

Session 1 – Coding environment

  • Source Control
  • Editor
  • Where you code lives
  • Rule tester
  • Testing and promoting from development to production

Session 2 – Review of the Rule Engine Language

This session will explore the Rule Engine syntax that is used by Service Panel. The Rule Engine will be familiar to anyone who knows the MIM Portal custom expression syntax. The Rule Engine offers a super-set of rules, and helpful tools for find just the right rule syntax or attribute name. The Rule Tester will show you how to unit test code and see the results.

This session is on a replacement for course A850 – Rule Engine. Course A850 is recommended for anyone who wants to expand their Rule Engine skills. Report writing will not be covered, but is covered in the full A850 course.

Session 6 – Access Panel data model

  • Tour of the object model in Identity Panel using the Rule Tester
  • Users, Resources, and Applications
  • Virtual identities and membership scopes
  • Data Inventory and assigning resources to applications

Session 3 – Before you code

Session 4 – Coding

  • Request and attestation campaign reporting
  • Workflows – Event based actions, and state based activities with MIM
  • Access Panel PAM
  • ServiceNow integration
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Criteria based groups and role management
  • Attestation campaigns
  • Azure Licensing management
  • Membership expiry
  • Ownership replacement
  • Hierarchical and team-based resource management structures
  • Membership requests
  • Extension requests and auto-removal
  • Just-in-time membership
  • Criteria based resources
  • Attestation of criteria
  • Types of attestation campaign
  • Designing attestation campaigns
  • Tracking and reporting on campaigns

Session 6 – Testing Your Solution