Access Panel for Solution Architects and Administrators (course A960)

About course A960, Access Panel for Solution Architects and Administrators

1-Day Course

A960 teaches the fundamentals of designing an Access Panel solution. It reviews the Access Panel architecture and features, methods for requirements gathering, and discusses the implementation process.


Attendees of this course should be solution architects or engineers who have attended A821. This course is ideal for consulting firms, independent consultants, and internal IT staff responsible for a successful implementation or expansion of Access Panel. This course is a required prerequisite for anyone attending A970. This course is also offered as a paid workshop (W960), where an Access Panel professional walks you through your options, and collects your design requirements.


Session 1 – Access Panel Features

  • Overview of benefits and features
  • How Access Panel relates to Identity Panel
  • Integration with Active Directory, Azure AD, Relational Databases and MIM Sync
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • Hosting and High Availability – SaaS and On-Premise
  • Request and attestation campaign reporting
  • Workflows – Event based actions, and state based activities with MIM
  • Testing and promoting from development to production
  • Access Panel PAM

Session 2 – Access Panel Interface

  • Administrator Experience
  • User Experience
  • Configuration UI
  • Coding UI
  • Source Control
  • Promoting configuration from JSON

Session 2 – Use Cases 

How organizations are using Access Panel in the real-world.

  • ServiceNow integration stories
  • Privileged Access Management
  • Criteria based groups and role management
  • Attestation campaigns
  • Azure Licensing management
  • Membership expiry
  • Ownership replacement
  • Hierarchical and team-based resource management structures
  • Application owner surveys

Session 3 – How to structure your requirements gathering

Session 4 – Access Panel Provider Architecture Review

  • Web application
  • Panel Service
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Messaging
  • Access from the Managed Service Console
  • Panel Service hardware resources

Session 5 – Membership Requests

  • Membership requests
  • Extension requests and auto-removal
  • Just-in-time membership

Session 6 – Criteria-based resources

  • Criteria based resources
  • Attestation of criteria

Session 7 – Access Review

  • Types of attestation campaign
  • Designing attestation campaigns
  • Tracking and reporting on campaigns