HyperSync (course A900)

About course A900, HyperSync

HyperSync replaces or enhances the Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM) sync engine solution. When coupled with SoftwareIDM Service Panel, HyperSync replaces and improves what is offered with MIM Portal. Managed, programmed, tested, and operated from the Identity Panel web interface, HyperSync is true SaaS application running natively on Azure App Services, with the option of running on premises. What is further compelling when considering HyperSync, is its on-premises Panel Service component, that empowers Azure to manage on-premises sources and targets. For those not ready for the cloud based sync engine, HyperSync also can be installed and operated as on-premises software, much as MIM is operated today.

This course is for the identity solution developer who is planning or participating in a HyperSync implementation as a replacement for Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), or to fix or enhance an existing MIM. Although the focus of this course is solution development, much of the material is useful for those who would like to understand HyperSync in-depth. This course looks at how to design and implement greenfield identity synchronization deployments, as well as phased replacement of an existing solution (with an emphasis on Microsoft Identity Manager).

Who Should Attend:

  • Consulting firms, independent consultants, and internal IT staff responsible for a successful implementation or expansion of a HyperSync deployment.
  • MIM solution developers wanting to expand their skills

With a properly licensed Identity Panel, you can perform the following:

  • Program MIM through Identity Panel using Uplift functions. Uplift is a superset of the MIM Portal Rules.
  • Prepare your MIM for the cloud using Uplift. Uplift will allow you to run MIM in a future.
  • Program MIM and ADSync using Contrails’ drag and snap designer UI


  • Features and capabilities of HyperSync and MIM with Uplift
  • Why to use MIM and when to use HyperSync
  • Using HyperSync with MIM
  • MIM Alone improvements using Identity Panel Suite
  • HyperSync Alone
  • Setting up an MIM Uplift project
  • Setting up a HyperSync project
  • Adding Uplift to an existing solution
  • Converting to Uplift
  • Configure MIM accelerator to improve performance
  • Converting from MIM Sync to HyperSync
  • Extending functionality of MIM Uplift and HyperSync

Course Outline:

  • Introduction to HyperSync
    • State and Event based flow
    • Attribute flow
    • Scheduling and performance
    • Thresholds and safety tools
    • Password Synchronization
  • Working with MIM Sync
    • Feature comparison
    • MIM Sync replacement
    • Parallel operation
  • Designing a Hyperverse
    • When a Hyperverse might not be necessary
    • Object types and joining
    • Handling of reference attributes
  • Provisioning
    • Provision throttling
    • Unique value generation
    • Considerations for account creation fixtures
    • Managing initial passwords
  • Deprovisioning and Deactivation
    • Servicing time-based scenarios
    • Servicing long-term leave and account dormancy
    • Syncing with deleted accounts
  • Parallel operations with Azure AD Connect
    • Cloud-direct and synced accounts
  • Implementation considerations
    • Requirements gathering
    • Test cases for HyperSync configuration
      • Simulating HR changes
    • Debugging HyperSync configuration