MIM Test Case Development using Test Panel (course A890)

With a properly licensed Identity Panel, you can perform the following:

  • Managing your MIM project’s objectives in Identity Panel
  • Provision and unwind your testing data sources and MIM using Identity Panel
  • Create simple and advance test cases within Identity Panel
  • Perform check (assertions) throughout you identity lifecycle testing. Assert against sources, targets, Portal, connectors, and the metaverse.
  • Match test cases to your identity business objectives
  • Perform negative testing
  • Perform regression testing, to assure changes made after you go-live do not break existing functionality


  • Planning a case-based testing environment
    • MIM Test ownership of accounts and data feeds
    • Simulating non-controlled data-sources
    • Automating environment reset
  • Installing and configuring MIM DevTest for case development
    • Initial configuration of test project(s) (LAB)
    • Cloning and building provider source for debugging
    • Creating connectivity validation tests (LAB)
  • Mapping business objectives to a test project
    • Applying objectives to test suites
    • Re-use of testing elements
    • Types of testing: integration, unit, regression, negative
  • Creating a basic test case (LAB)
  • Creating an iterative test case (LAB)

This course is also is ideal for delegates using Identity Panel Recovery and bulk updating using Identity Panel Recovery. MIM Test and Recovery use the same product features.

Who should attend?

  • You plan to develop or modify a MIM solution rapidly, using a test driven approach
  • You plan to develop on MIM collaboratively with other developers and stakeholders
  • You plan to allow others to develop test cases
  • You plan to use Identity Panel Recovery and Bulk Update
  • You plan to extract test cases rapidly using Identity Panel to collect real-world data and case scenarios
  • You plan to leverage Contrails and Uplift to enhance your solution, or speed development (C# and Portal Rules are also supported in this course)
  • You need to automate the management of your DevTest environment
  • You need a way to instantly roll MIM forward and backwards
  • You need a way to instantly roll forward and backwards your data sources and targets, including AD DS, AD LDS, SQL, Lotus Notes, Exchange, ADSync, etc.


  1. Have attended A850 – Identity Panel Rule Engine and Reporting
  2. Own a subscription to the Knowledge Package for Identity Panel & Recovery and Bulk Update or the Knowledge Package for MIM Test
  3. Have experience writing SQL queries or using any language including PowerShell or MIM Portal Rules
  4. Be an level 2 engineer or developer in one of the data sources you plan to use with Identity Panel, which must include one of the following:
    • FIM/MIM
    • Azure ADConnect
    • Active Directory, LDAP
    • SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL
    • ADFS
    • Office 365
    • Exchange Server

What you will know after you complete this course:

  • How to develop for MIM using a case driven approach
  • How to management your test environment
  • How to write flow rules using the Contrails visual editor