Advanced Identity Panel Workflow and Scheduling (course A860)

This course is where you can create workflows that respond to activities within your identity data sources and the systems that service them.

NOTE: This class assumes you are running Identity Panel in production and have attended Rule Engine training.

Who should attend?

  • You plan to automate the sending of reports for your organization or customers, based on issues discovered by Identity Panel
  • You plan to be able to create Scheduler logic, code Workflows, and code Shutter Views.


  1. Have attended A850 – Identity Panel Rule Engine and Reporting
  2. Own a subscription to the Knowledge Package for Identity Panel or Knowledge Package for MIM Test
  3. Have experience writing SQL queries or using any language including PowerShell or MIM Portal Rules
  4. Be an level 2 engineer or developer in one of the data sources you plan to use with Identity Panel, which must include one of the following:
    • FIM/MIM
    • Azure ADConnect
    • Active Directory, LDAP
    • SQL Server, Oracle, or MySQL
    • ADFS
    • Office 365
    • Exchange Server

What you will know after you complete this course:

  • You will know how write Workflows for Identity Panel
  • You will know now to create Schedule with logic for protection, reporting, alerting, and faster provisioning & updates
  • Code custom dashboards
  • Limit a user’s or administrator’s view to their respective sub-organization
  • Covert source information into readable formats
  • Syndicate identity information