Identity Panel Initial Configuration (course A821)

Training course A821 is the most widely attended course. This course is fundamental to anyone who wants to know how to configure Identity Panel and write reports. This course gives you a series of pre-assembled OneDesign reports you can use and modify.


Training course A801 – You must have attended course A801 to attend this course.

Additionally, you must be an engineer, developer, or architect in the technologies you plan to use with Identity Panel, based on your role in your Identity Panel project. For example, if you are going to responsible for reviewing the security of Identity Panel, you would need to be a security expert. If you are going to be responsible for Identity Panel and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), you should have an expert level knowledge of MIM.

Therefore, you must be an expert in one of these applicable domains or subject matters to attend this course.

  • Microsoft Identity Manager
  • Active Directory (ADDS)/LDAP
  • Active Directory Federated Service (ADFS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • System or Network Security
  • System or Network Architecture
  • Software Developer
  • Report Writer

Some of the course material is available here:

To view any of the prior course recorded video, you may need to download the WebEx Network Recording Player for .arf, which can be found here:

A recording of a classroom course from London September 2017, can be found here:

The respective training virtual machine (VM) is provided by opening a ticket here:

One you have your VM, you will connect to it using your computer’s Remote Desktop (RDP).