Identity Panel Architecture, Providers, Security, and Deployment (course A820)

About course A820, Identity Panel Architecture, Providers, Security, and Deployment

Training course A820 is designed and required to be completed before Identity Panel is installed on-premise. For customers using Identity Panel Azure Market Place Edition (SaaS), this course is mandatory if your plan to complete a SaaS security review.


If you are an architecture or engineer that has been tasked with deploying Identity Panel, then this course is for you. Course A801 is not required if you do not plan to use the application in your work-job. However, if you plan to deploy and use the product, you will also want to complete course A801. They do not have to be completed in any order, but it is recommended that you complete course A820 and return for A801 after you install Identity Panel.

You must be an engineer, developer, or architect in the technologies you plan to use with Identity Panel, based on your role in your Identity Panel project. For example, if you are going to be responsible for reviewing the security of Identity Panel, you would need to be a security expert. If you are going to be responsible for Identity Panel and Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM), you should have an expert level knowledge of MIM.

Therefore, you must be an expert in one of these applicable domains or subject matters to attend this course.

  • Microsoft Identity Manager
  • Active Directory (ADDS)/LDAP
  • Active Directory Federated Service (ADFS)
  • Microsoft SQL Server
  • System or Network Security
  • System or Network Architecture
  • Software Developer
  • Report Writer

Course Content

Module 1: Identity Panel Refresher

The first module is to review Identity Panel, especially for those who have not seen the product or attended A801. This is common when a security architect or network architect attends this course for the purpose of approving Identity Panel for use within the enterprise or sourced from the cloud.

  • Time Traveler
  • Scheduler
  • Reporting
  • Workflows
  • Service Panel
  • MIM DevTest

Module 2: Architecture

  • Web application
  • Panel Service
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Messaging
  • Managed Service Console
  • Resources

Module 3: Security

How Identity Panel secures credentials

Strong authentication and authorization

Security and Trust in the Azure Cloud

DPAPI Auto-Encryption of Certain Fields

Usable Daemon Authentication

Identity Panel security roles link to directory security groups

Identity Panel Security Permissions Matrix

Configuring PanelCheck

Setting up SMTP

Upgrading PanelTools/Identity Panel Windows Service

Scan Rate for Office 365 (This is in regards to the question regarding how often Office 365 can be scanned)

Course A820 Module 4 – Providers

Additional information

Some of the course material is available here:

The respective training virtual machine (VM) is provided by opening a ticket here:

One you have your VM, you will connect to it using your computer’s Remote Desktop (RDP).