Access Panel Requirements & Design (course A813)

This course is for anyone who will be gathering requirements, designing, and laying-out the user and system functionality of Service Panel. This course is ideal for consulting firms, independent consultants, and internal IT staff responsible for a successful implementation or expansion of Service Panel.

This course is also offered outside the Knowledge Package as a paid workshop (W812), where a Service Panel professional walks you through your options, and collects your design requirements.


Session 1 – Using Service Panel

  • Overview of benefits and features
  • How Service Panel relates to Identity Panel
  • Integration with MIM Portal and MIM Sync
  • Integration with ServiceNow
  • Hosting and High Availability – SaaS and On-Premise
  • Request and approval reporting
  • Workflows – Event based actions, and state based activities with MIM
  • Testing and promoting from development to productions.

Session 2 – Common cases. How customers are using Service Panel in the real-world. 

How other organizations are using Service Panel.

  • ServiceNow integration stories
  • Onboarding scenarios
  • Account creation stories
  • Updating information approaches used
  • Changing email domains made easy
  • Employee directory for hospitals
  • Photo opt-out
  • Code Red!
  • Azure B2C

Session 3 – Service Panel Provider Architecture Review

This session will cover:

  • Web application
  • Panel Service
  • Cloud Scanning
  • Messaging
  • Access from the Managed Service Console
  • Panel Service hardware resources

This session is not a substitute for course A820 – Identity Panel Architecture, Providers, and Deployment.

Session 3 – Rule Engine Language Review

This session will explore the Rule Engine syntax that is used by Service Panel. The Rule Engine will be familiar to anyone who knows the MIM Portal custom expression syntax. The Rule Engine offers a super-set of rules, and helpful tools for find just the right rule syntax or attribute name. The Rule Tester will show you how to unit test code and see the results.

This session is on a replacement for course A850 – Rule Engine. Course A850 is recommended for anyone who wants to expand their Rule Engine skills. Report writing will not be covered, but is covered in the full A850 course.

Service Panel Requirements Gathering

Session 4 – Custom themes requirements

Add a theme to match your customer’s brand and website. Add a logo and color pallet.

Session 5 – Virtual Identities requirements


Session 6 – Service Panel Form and messaging

  • Create behaviours, lookups, formatting, controls, and more.
  • Secure the form
  • Validation
  • User experience
  • Email messaging workflows


Session 6 – Fixtures and Workflows – Provision and modify targets – Data Target Integration

Session 7 – ServiceNow integration design