Using the Identity Panel Suite (course A801)

Course A801, Using the Identity Panel Suite, is the training we run most often, in which we teach the fundamentals of Identity Panel.

Duration: 1 day

Who is this for?

Everyone. This course is the starting point for anyone who wants to know how to use any of the Identity Panel Suite of applications. We typically run this course at the start of week of training. Those already familiar with Identity Panel need not attend.


Attendees will usually be an engineer, developer, or architect in the technologies that will be used with the Suite. As a minimum, you should have a sound understanding of Active Directory and Azure Active Directory.

What you will learn

Module 1: Introducing Identity Panel Suite

  • Identity Panel Suite – overview
  • Introducing Identity Panel
  • Introducing HyperSync Panel
  • Introducing Service Panel
  • Introducing Access Panel
  • Introducing Test Panel
  • Lab: A tour of Identity Panel

Module 2: The Identity Panel Suite and MIM

  • The Need for Synchronization Engines
  • Microsoft Synchronization Engines
  • HyperSync Panel
  • Augmenting or replacing Microsoft Identity Manager (MIM)
  • The MIM Portal and Service Panel
  • BHOLD and Access Panel
  • Test Panel and MIM
  • Lab: Identity Panel Suite and MIM

Module 3: Time Traveler

  • Accessing the Time Traveler
  • Timestamps
  • Time Traveler Presentation
  • Attribute History
  • Lab: Time Traveler
  • Advanced Search
  • Customized Time Traveler Views
  • Securely sharing a URL
  • Lab: Other Time Traveler features

Module 4: Dashboards, Scheduler, Operations History and Reports

  • What are dashboards?
  • Dashboard modules
  • The Scheduler
  • A typical schedule
  • Schedule queue
  • History records and simple filtering
  • Filtering by results and statistics
  • Examining the result panel
  • Reports
  • Running reports
  • Providing parameters
  • Point-in-time
  • Drilling down
  • Lab: Operation and reporting