Support hours

Customers (or their applicable third party, like a consultant or reseller) are entitled to support hours if they have attended training and you have purchased one of the following:

Do you have one of the above? You may not know it, but SoftwareIDM assigns a budget of 20 hours annually to support these customers for no additional fee. SoftwareIDM has assigned these free hours to provide the best service possible. This is done to assure each customer receives service before needing to purchase a service contract like SoftwareIDM Operational Services and consulting hours. We provide up to 20 hours of restricted consulting to your qualified integrator, systems architect, system engineer, or network engineer who attends compulsory courses. This consulting is provided to the trained professional by SoftwareIDM. Unused hours expire at the end of the respective purchased term, usually one year.

Internally tracked

Unlike consulting hours performed under contract, the Knowledge Package hours are a SoftwareIDM internal account budget of hours, and its usage is at the discretion of SoftwareIDM. There is no refund for unused hours, and time-sheets do not get approved by the customer. All remaining hours expire at the end of the 12-months to the day. These hour’s twelve month period begin the day your license keys are delivered to you or to your reseller via email or link.

How to request consulting or support

Consulting: You can schedule consulting hours by emailing, or you may be assigned a slot (see Slots below). Consulting hours from SoftwareIDM are available on a first come first service basis. The consultants and developers providing support, do not do so exclusively, and therefore, scheduled support is based on availability. However, historically, we have been able to accommodated reasonable requests for our time, to all of our customers. Otherwise, in times of high demand, we may give you a slot of time for you to use your hours (see slots below).

Support: Support is available by opening a support ticket. You can email or open a ticket here:


Before you purchase a Knowledge Package, you have the option to negotiate or request a slot. A slot is a window of time to receive support for the PoC, case development, coding, report writing, configuring, roll out, post go-live support, or an update your product. If you do not choose a slot, one may be assigned to you.

Consultants and Integrators

If you are using a trained consultant, integrator, or any other third party, your hours will be assigned to them first, and any remainder will be available to the customer. If you are using an untrained consultant, integrator, employee, or any other third party, your hours will also be consumed for this support, if support is given. SoftwareIDM reserves the right to refuse support to any party not trained by SoftwareIDM. Support given can be limited by SoftwareIDM to the domain of the course(s) the customer has attended.

How to purchase more hours

Contact your reseller or SoftwareIDM

*HA hours are not provided to customers who use Identity Panel Azure Market Place Edition. This SaaS edition is a fully managed HA services. This management is inherent to the service. All customers must have an HA license to use this SaaS.