Service Level Addendum (SLA) – Controlled System

Service Levels – Controlled System


Support Response Time is herein incorporated from Service Level Agreement – Support System


This agreement is an addendum and only applicable to the referring line item, SKU, or agreement. This is not a policy applicable to all End User customers.

The system must be controlled and managed by SoftwareIDM.

SoftwareIDM must have the prescribed access to the system, access necessary to resolve the problem, and be able to access this necessary part and sources of information without intervention from the customer of third party.

The systems must meet the minimum requirements as published at

SoftwareIDM must have configured the system, made the changes, or approved any changes, prior to this SLA being applicable.

SoftwareIDM must be notified and approve any change regarding this system.

If any of the the applicability requirements are not met, the system will be categorized as supported, but not controlled. The Controlled System SLA will apply only, until the applicability requirements are met.


Problem Resolution Time is the average time it takes Provider to resolve a problem reported by Client or  Authorized User. This is measured on a per incident basis. If the target resolution time is not achieved, Provider will issue Client the Service Level Credits specified in Section 3.2 below.

3.1 Service Level Definition

Severity LevelsTarget Resolution Time
Level 1 — Critical2 hours
Level 2 — Urgent5 hours
Level 3 — High120 hours
Level 4 — Other5 business days


3.2 Service Level Credits

<<Service Level Credits are Defined Elsewhere>>