Sync Panel Benefits

Object Time Traveler

Time Traveler

Health Monitoring Dashboard

Health Dashboard

Graphs and Charts

Run History

Run History

Visual Schedule Editor

Schedule Editor

Advanced Search Tools

Advanced Search

How it Works

Sync Panel installs two components into your environment.

The schedule service is usually installed on your FIM Synchronization Server. This component executes your run schedules and captures results from the FIM Synchronization Service, through the FIM WMI and direct calls to the FIM database. By using careful hash comparisons, the schedule service is able to optimize performance by only fully scanning the records that have actually changed. As the schedule service captures data, it buffers and posts results to the REST API of the Sync Panel web application.

The Sync Panel web application may be installed on your FIM server, or may be kept on a separate server. The web application is responsible for hosting the user friendly UI tools, and for exposing a high performance REST API for data collection. Sync Panel manages it's own database and full text indexing service so that it can achieve optimum performance tracking and searching historical data. Even with modest commodity hardware Sync Panel can maintain fast page loads with hundreds of thousands of user records.