Release Notes

Version 3.3.6 Release June 7, 2017

  • Enhanced schedule and step duration tracking
  • Support for JSON settings upload with missing file extension
  • DPAPI encryption for additional config settings
  • Expanded REST access logging
  • General enhancements

Version 3.3 Release May 2, 2017

Release of Panel Platform 3.3, new providers and functionality

  • Directory Provider
  • Data Provider (SQL Server, MySQL, Oracle, and Delimited files)
  • Version Control (automatic version control and rollback of Identity Panel settings)
  • Rule editor with contextual help and auto-complete
  • Lotus MIM Test Provider
  • Report styling plugins
  • Multiple and embedded report emailing
  • Pending Import reports
  • Sync Scan performance enhancements
  • Improved MIM Portal scan performance and reporting
  • PowerShell health check probes
  • Run Schedule workflow step
  • General enhancements

Version 3.1 Release Nov 17, 2016

Release of Panel Platform 3.1, enhancements and fixes. Improved sync scan performance, improved memory usage and hashing performance. Switch from Sphinx to Elastic Search for full-text indexing. See Install for upgrade instructions.

Version 3.0 Release May 31, 2016

Release of Panel Platform 3.0, major version upgrade. Web application re-written for ASP.NET 5, using bootstrap for full mobile compatibility. Major new features include Azure federated authentication, an enhanced reporting engine, ADFS data collection, and improved scheduler performance. If you are upgrading an existing installation of Identity Panel 2.5 or earlier, follow the upgrade instructions at Install

New features and enhancements:

  • Optional Azure federated authentication
  • ADFS Provider for time-traveling claims and configuration
  • Enhanced reporting engine
  • Public library of downloadable reports, workflows and schedule steps
  • Improved scheduler performance
  • Centralized multi-server run-status console
  • Customizable role-based dashboards
  • Simplified deployment process
  • Performance and feature enhancements to rule engine
  • Improved mobile device support
  • Standardization and multiple format improvements to REST API
  • More flexible security roles
  • Built on ASP.NET 5

Version 2.5 Release April 22, 2016

Release of Panel Platform 2.5, includes new report types

  • Added Pending Exports report schedule step type

Version 2.4 Release January 6, 2016

Release of Panel Platform 2.4, includes fixes and enhancements to 2.1-2.3

  • Changed default change hashing algorithm to SHA256 in preparation for 3.0 release
  • Improvements to Portal and Full scan performance
  • Fixes and improvements for history tracking

Version 2.3 Release September 23, 2015

Release of Panel Platform 2.3, includes fixes and enhancements to 2.1-2.2

  • Upgrade to Mongo 3 with Wired Tiger storage engine
  • Panel Check tool for health monitoring and recover
  • Fixes and improvements for Portal scan
  • Optional upgrade script to migrate database storage engine (see Install Upgrading)

Version 2.1 Release April 3, 2015

General release of Panel Platform 2.1. Includes fixes and enhancements to 2.0.

  • Added more modern mobile font icons format
  • Made PanelExtensions a public git repository:
  • Added logging of "request denied" for attempted access with insufficient security permissions
  • Improvements to schedule display
  • Fixes and improvements for sync scan
  • Fixes and improvements to Panel Upgrade process

Version 2.0.2 Limited Release March 11, 2015

Bug fixes and enhancements to Panel Platform 2.0 release.

  • Adjusted "help URLs" after moving hosted documentation site from HTTP to HTTPS
  • Fixes to the Upgrade Application
  • Enabled backward-compatible run and full-scan library invocation for FIM Test and custom schedulers
  • Fixes to last-run scan
  • Added WMI timeout logic for scanning large groups
  • Added discovery of new run profiles to last-run scan
  • Fixes to role-security initialization
  • Fixed Panel Service behavior with empty workflow settings
  • Added ADFS auth DLLs to installer
  • Expanded and tested documentation for ADFS 2.0 integration
  • UI improvements to Rule Engine helper
  • Provided substitution in search engine to support both '%' and '*' wildcards
  • Added timestamp column to reference attributes in Excel report download
  • Improved component tree organization in installer
  • Fixed HTML validation and scheduler week-of-month data binding

Version 2.0 Limited Release January 26, 2015

Panel platform 2.0 makes changes to the Time Traveller schema and settings storage mechanism. If you are upgrading an existing installation of Sync Panel 1.3 or earlier, follow the upgrade instructions at Server Operations / Upgrading.

Panel platform 2.0 is the biggest release yet for the Panel platform. With this release we introduce the new Identity Panel product. Sync Panel 2.0 adds features at all levels of the product. Features marked with a '*' are only included in Data Center or Identity Panel SKUs.

New Modules


  • Password History scan for MIM, AADSync, FIM, and DirSync. See Sync Engine Module
  • FIPS Hashing setting option. See Advanced Config Settings
  • Performance improvements to data collection
  • Rapid scan mode for Connector space objects. See Sync Engine Module
  • Run schedules interactively from web UI
  • Code-signing for Sync Panel
  • Data Retention policy support
  • Time traveler UI enhancements
    • Improved date filtering
    • Click for attribute history
    • Collapse and Expand silos *
  • PowerShell schedule and workflow steps
  • Truncate MIM Password log schedule step
  • Fixed full text indexing for objects with more than 150 attributes
  • Claims authentication support for web UI
  • Various settings UI improvements
  • Renamed SoftwareIDM Scheduler Service to SoftwareIDM Panel Service
  • Improved concurrency support for high load environments
  • Support for placing passwords in encrypted App.config files where credential overrides are required

Version 1.4 Released August 12, 2014

Sync Panel 1.4 makes changes to the database schema and settings storage mechanism. If you are upgrading an existing installation of Sync Panel 1.3 or earlier, follow the upgrade instructions at Server Operations.

Sync Panel 1.4 includes installer changes for the Data Center edition.

The Data Center edition provides:

  • High availability fault tolerance
  • Advanced security model with custom roles
  • Multi-server licensing
  • Inclusion of Workflow and Reporting modules, as well as free inclusion of future module releases (with software maintenance)

Other changes in Sync Panel 1.4 include:

  • Settings are no longer in the file system, they have been moved to the database. This provides better support for high availability environments, and simplifies the backup/restore process.
  • The Sync Panel installer has a new component tree. This makes it easier to create a high availability environment, and it simplifies the process of splitting the web application and scheduler on separate servers.
  • The Sync Panel installation process has been simplified, with fewer steps to perform pre and post installation.
  • You can now edit Sync Panel role settings from the web interface.
  • The Scheduler service and PanelTool no longer have any dependency on the Sync Panel database or settings file. All data is mediated through the web application.
  • The settings pages now have a download/upload feature. This simplifies the process of elevating Sync Panel deployments.
  • Version 1.4 includes a variety of other enhancements:
    • Improved display of MV retry errors
    • Capture and reporting of CS Connector/Disconnector state
    • CS pending status changes now show up in Time Traveler as discrete timestamps
    • Faster CS and MV scan
    • Faster multi-attribute scan
    • Faster search index performance, reduced chance of binlog corruption with hard reboot
    • New time-stamp filtering in Time Traveler (Data Center only)
    • Health check now automatically included for all PanelTool scans
    • Improved UI for report date entry
    • Display of applied filters on Report results page
    • Various minor UI fixes.

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