Server Operations

Although Identity Panel is designed to be easy to administer, it is a client-server database application and the typical administrative tasks apply.


Identity Panel is regularly being expanded with new features and capabilities. If you have purchased the recommended maintenance package, you will have access to these updates. Each update will be distributed with installation instructions, and upgrade assistance is available. See Upgrade Install

If you suspect that the full-text search index has incorrect data, the search engine can be fully restored with the following procedure:

  1. Run SoftwareIDM\IdentityPanelWeb\Web\WebAgent.exe --reindex

Recover from Hard Crash

In most cases a hard server crash will not result in Identity Panel data loss.

After bringing the server back online, perform an empty search by inserting the cursor in the web application Search box and hitting enter.

Verify the search results are returned for history data, and for each data silo (such as MA connector spaces, metaverse, and Office 365). Verify that the result counts are appropriate. If the search results are suspicious follow the reindex procedure above.

In very rare cases in which a server crash happens within 100ms of data being written to the database during a scan, the database service may fail to start on reboot. If this occurs there are three options for recovery:

  1. Remove the existing lock file
    • Navigate to SoftwareIDM\IdentityPanelWeb\MongoDB\db and remove the mongod.lock file
    • Manually perform the last run, full scan, or health check that was in progress when the server crashed (optional)
  2. Repair and attempt to recover data
  3. Restore from a database backup

If you repair your MongoDB, you should always perform the reindex procedure above.


To fully backup Identity Panel you should make a copy of the database folder. This may be done while the database is running if you skip the mongod.lock file.

%Program Files%\SoftwareIDM\IdentityPanelWeb\MongoDB\data\db

For more options and detailed explanations about MongoDB database backups see MongoDB Backups. Identity Panel enables MongoDB journaling by default. Identity Panel is compatible with MongoDB Cloud Backup Service

If you have manually customized your config files (config.json, PanelTool.exe.config, SoftwareIDM.PanelService.exe.config, mongo.cfg, elasticsearch.yml), you should make backups of these files.


This procedure can be performed on a clean install, or to roll back data.

  • Stop the SoftwareIDM Identity Panel Database and SoftwareIDM.IdentityPanelSearch services (if running)
  • Replace the database folder
  • Restart the services
  • Run iisreset
  • Perform the reindex procedure

Move Database to a Different Drive

Sometimes it is necessary to re-home the Identity Panel Database to free up disk space.

  • Stop SoftwareIDM Identity Panel Database service
  • Move %Program Files%\SoftwareIDM\IdentityPanelWeb\MongoDB\data\db to the new desired location
  • Edit %Program Files%\SoftwareIDM\IdentityPanelWeb\MongoDB\mongo.cfg to have the correct dbpath
  • Restart the database service

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