Identity Panel and Sync Panel licenses are purchased on a per-organization basis, but license codes are applied on a per-domain basis. License codes may be claimed multiple times for the same domain, but once claimed, cannot be used for a different domain. Additionally, trial license codes may only be claimed once. This has implications for how many license codes you should request with your copy of Identity Panel.

To claim a license it is not necessary for your Identity Panel server to have direct internet access. You may use a web-browser which has network access to both your Identity Panel server and, or you may use the offline license claim process. Once Identity Panel has been licensed you may use the application from browsers that have access to the server but not the internet.

Product Evaluation

While evaluating Identity Panel you should request one trial code for each domain where you will be installing Identity Panel. Identity Panel supports simultaneous activation of multiple license codes, so you may apply a permanent scheduler license and a temporary trial license to the same install.

Purchase Order

If you have entered a purchase order but your free trial is nearing expiration you may request an extended trial license to retain access to Identity Panel features while the purchase process is completed.

Full Permanent License

Once you have purchased Identity Panel you will receive a permanent full license code for each domain running Identity Panel.

Claiming a License

  1. Go to the Settings tab and select the License section
  2. Enter your license code and click to add
  3. Complete the license form
    License Form
    and click Next
  4. Enter the code from the confirmation email

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