Identity Panel

This documentation covers the SoftwareIDM Panel Platform, including both Sync Panel and Identity Panel lines of products.


Identity Panel is a flexible tool for managing, maintaining, and analyzing operations and data from disparate identity repositories and synchronization systems.

Sync Panel is a subset of Identity Panel which is focused on the Microsoft Identity Synchronization series of products (MIM, AADSync, FIM, DirSync, etc.). Identity Panel is a multi-tier application composed of several components:

  • Identity Panel
    • Web framework for SoftwareIDM identity monitoring applications.
  • Panel Service
    • Windows service for running client tasks for Identity Panel, including performing health checks, executing workflows, full text indexing, and running task schedules.
  • PanelTool
    • Interactive command line tool for manually running schedules and maintenance operations


For technical reference documentation, refer to the index of topics on this page.

Obtaining Identity Panel or Sync Panel

You may obtain an evaluation of Identity Panel and other SoftwareIDM products Here. If you are an existing customer, you can use your license key to download the latest version of the installer:**LicenseCode**


Identity Panel requires Windows Server 2012 R2 or later. The server must be configured as a web application server with IIS and .NET 4.5.

Identity Panel requires a Java runtime (JRE or JDK) for the full-text search index.

Identity Panel requires a modern web browser. It will work with IE 10 or later, as well as recent versions of Firefox, Chrome, and Safari. You can also use Identity Panel from a tablet or other mobile device.

For best performance, the application server should have low latency SSD disks. If your environment requires you to use traditional hard drives, you can compensate by providing extra RAM. Hardware requirements vary based on the number of identities being tracked. Revise these guidelines upwards if there are other server roles installed alongside Identity Panel (e.g. SQL Server, FIM Portal). The following estimates assume six management agents and average turnover, growth, and error rates.

Number of IdentitiesRAMProcessor CoresDisk Space
<10,0008 GB215 GB
<50,00016 GB230 GB
<100,00016 GB460 GB
>100,00032 GB4120 GB

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