MIM Test

MIM Test is a powerful automated testing framework for Microsoft Identity Manager. You can use it to rapidly configure, execute and verify suites of data driven tests. MIM Test has three primary benefits for the organization:

  • It reduces development costs by shortening the project
  • It reduces risk through improved change control
  • It improves project outcomes by verifying business requirements

Reducing Project Time

MIM Test reduces costs by dramatically reducing the time needed to develop and test MIM solutions.

The majority of time in most identity projects is spent in debugging and QA testing. Much of this time is spent setting up data and waiting for synchronizations to run.

MIM Test reduces the time spent to set up data for tests because connects directly to systems that feed into FMM and loads and manipulates test data.

MIM Test also reduces time spent waiting for synchronizations.

Reducing Risk

Microsoft Identity Manager has an unusual risk profile. Because MIM manages user accounts, even a small configuration error can have devastating effects on the enterprise. A one-line code error can result in thousands of account lockouts or worse.

Automated testing controls risk by allowing efficient verification of existing functionality. With MIM Test regression tests you can automatically connect to target systems and verify that MIM has exported the correct values. These tests can then feed reports to demonstrate to the business that identity related business requirements have been met and validated.